We just got back from the Stampin’ Up! Incentive Trip and learned a few interesting words/phrases in a clear English vs American language match up.  We spent one week in England (on us) and then one week on the cruise to the Norwegian Fjords (the incentive trip part).

English vs American Stampin Up incentive trip 2023

We got pretty good at taking the London underground trains around the city.  There were two things they said all the time on the trains that cracked us up.  The first one was “mind the gap”.  They were speaking of the gap between the platform and the train as you get off.  It was just so proper sounding…”mind the gap”.

The other phrase was warning people to speak up if they see something suspicious.  Over the speaker system they would say, “If you see something, say something, and we’ll get it sorted…see it, say it, sorted”.  So, no problem, they will just “sort” it out.

English vs American Stampin Up incentive trip 2023

I had already heard of “platform” for the trains from Harry Potter and “lift” for elevators from watching Dr. Who.  But, I didn’t realize they used “in the queue” for being in line.  Of course, there’s food confusion too like “crisps” being chips, and “chips” being french fries.  The locals say we speak American and they speak English.

So, we are having too much fun using these new English vs American words and phrases and then laughing since they sound so proper or foreign to us.

Stay tuned for several posts of our trip plus swaps.

Happy Stampin’





DISCLAIMER: The claims published here are not representative of the typical Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. The level of sales required to achieve the Incentive Trip is accomplished by less than .001 percent of Stampin’ Up! demonstrators.

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