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If you have the software, now’s a good time to upgrade to MDS2.  The upgrade is downloadable and just $19.95 for 75 new features and improvements.  You’ll want to use the newest version for all your gift projects this season.
Also, I’m having a free MDS2 class at my house on Sunday, September 23rd at 2pm.  Bring your laptop loaded with the free trial version or if you already have MDS, download the upgrade from my website and come learn what’s new.
Here’s the list of the 65 new features available now:

  1. LAYERS PALETTE: Quickly manipulate and edit project layers
  2. EDIT OBJECTS OFF-CANVAS: Rotate, resize, and manipulate items that extend beyond the 
  3. UNLOCK INDIVIDUAL OBJECTS: Right-click object to unlock
  4. CUSTOMIZABLE COLOR PALETTE: Organize colors swatches to create a customized Color 
  5. WATERMARK OPTION: Change the color to white and opacity to 10% with just one click
  6. SUGGESTED COLOR COMBOS: See expertly coordinated color combo ideas in the Color 
  7. DESIGN IN SPREADS: Design on two pages, side-by-side
  8. FULL WRAP COVER: Design photobook front/back covers and spine at the same time
  9. CUSTOM CANVAS SIZE: Create a project in any size up to 24″ x 24″
  10. CROP STAMPS: Show off part of the stamp image and hide the rest
  11. CROP EMBELLISHMENTS: Show off part of the embellishment and hide the rest
  12. BRUSH TOOL: Create freehand art with different brush sizes and shapes—perfect for line art
  13. LINE TOOL: Insert and manipulate lines with curves and custom paths
  14. ERASER TOOL: Easily erase freehand brushes
  15. VECTOR STAMP BRUSH IMAGES: Resize vector stamp while keeping its image crisp
  16. GLOBAL SEARCH: Simultaneously search for all content types
  17. FILL PUNCH WITH PHOTO: Easily add a photo to any punch shape
  18. FILL PUNCH WITH CARD STOCK: Add card stock (and textured card stock) to punches
  19. CUSTOM GROUPS: Save custom created groups to import on other projects
  20. ENHANCED PAGE LAYER EDITING: Resize Designer Series Paper on the canvas and 
maintain pattern
  21. SMART OBJECT ALIGNMENT: Align objects with mat consideration
  22. CHANGE PUNCH SHAPE: Change punch to another punch shape and maintain filled pattern
  23. EDIT OBJECT SHORTCUT KEY: Edit objects with a shortcut: CMD/CTRL+
  24. ROUND PAPER CORNERS: Round any corner of Designer Series Paper and card stock
  25. ROUND PHOTO CORNERS: Round any corner of a photo
  26. PHOTO FILL GROUPED BOXES: Group photo boxes and fill with one photo
  27. INTUITIVE iPHOTO INTEGRATION: Access and use photos on a Mac more easily
  28. PROJECT SIZE CONVERSION: Easily change any project to a different size
  29. RECOLOR EMBELLISHMENTS: Monochromatically change the color of an embellishment
  30. RECOLOR DESIGNER SERIES PAPER: Monochromatically change the color of layered 
Designer Series Paper
  31. MIRROR/FLIP GROUPS: Reverse and flip a set of grouped objects
  32. MIRROR DESIGNER SERIES PAPER: Mirror and flip backgrounds and layered Designer 
Series Paper
  33. DIGITAL STITCHING: Add stitched line—choose from several stitching styles
  34. SUPPLY LIST: View a list of items used on a page
  35. SMART GUIDES: Drag guides from the ruler to your project for perfect alignment
  36. EXPORT TO PDF: Save your project as a PDF file
  37. EXPORT TO PNG: Save your project as a PNG file
  38. EXPORT TO SVG: Save your project as an SVG file for use with an e-cutter
  39. TEXT IN COLUMNS: Type text in columns
  40. TEXT TRACKING: Increase/decrease the horizontal space between letters
  41. TEXT SHAPES: Add text to any punch shape
  42. TEXT ON A PATH: Add text to any line style to create your own curvy verses
  43. MIRROR TEXT: Choose a mirror text option for use on iron-on transfers

  44. OPEN FONT TEXT: Enjoy open type font capabilities

  45. TEXT JUSTIFICATION: Justify text left, center, right AND top, middle, bottom
  46. FONT SEARCH: Find a font by typing the first few letters
  47. CHANGE TEXT CASE: Quickly change text to upper or lower-case

  48. CHANGE ALL TEXT IN PROJECT: Apply font settings to all text in a project

  49. DESIGNER TEMPLATE SELECTION: Browse all designer templates in one location
  50. ENHANCED PROFESSIONAL PRINT: Choose and preview all print options within the software

  51. 51. ENHANCED SAVE PHOTO LAYOUT: See mats, shadows, and punches in saved photo layouts
  52. BACKGROUND PHOTO: Quickly add a photo as a background

  53. ADD MULTIPLE ITEMS: Simultaneously add multiple elements from the Design Center

  54. CALENDAR EFFECTS: Apply settings to all Design Center calendars in a project

  55. CHANGE LAYER OF SELECTED OBJECTS: Move multiple selected objects forward and backward without grouping

  56. RECOLOR PHOTO: Monochromatically change the color of a photo

  57. STAMP IMAGE COLORING: Add more than one color to a single stamp image

  58. EXPORT PROCESS: See all export options on one screen for a simplified experience

  59. ENHANCED PHOTO DRAG & DROP: Drag and drop a photo onto a photo box in any layer
  60. BATCH PHOTO EFFECTS: Apply photo effects on selected pages

  61. DELETE PROJECT PREVIEW: Show project preview before you hit delete

  62. USER INTERFACE UPDATE: Enjoy a sleek new look and feel–easy on the eyes

  63. DEFAULT BLEED AREA: Use bleed area defaults that are specific to project type

  64. ZOOM TOOL SHORTCUTS: Get to the zoom tool with a shortcut

  65. SPLATTER TOOL: Add splatters of color in different sizes

Coming Soon: When these 10 additional free features are good to go, Stampin’ Up! will let you know on so you can update your software (Help>Check for Updates).

  1. INTUITIVE PRINT FROM HOME: Print from home more easily
  2. QUICK PRINT TEMPLATES: Print from home “quick print” templates
  3. CROP PUNCHES: Show off part of the punch and hide the rest
  4. CROP ON EXPORT: Save a cropped portion of a project
  5. POP-UP INSTRUCTIONS: Get pop-up instructions for specialized templates
  6. PAPER RIP OPTION: Create torn edges with Designer Series Paper and card stock
  7. ENHANCED THUMBNAILS: Enjoy improved thumbnail images in the Resource Palette 
  8. PHOTO ROTATION: Rotate your photos within the “Crop Photo” tool
  9. ARTWORK ORGANIZATION: Customize artwork organization in the Design Center
  10. IMPORT FROM OTHER PROJECT: Toggle between projects to import elements onto current 

Wow!  Long list but so cool…I’m downloading my upgrade this week to start playing with it so I’m ready to show everyone in my class at the end of September.

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