Back to school means a sales tax holiday in 13 states (however, one state on the chart was already last weekend).  Every state has different limits and items that qualify, but it usually includes items that could be used as school supplies.  Find your state and use this opportunity to stock up on adhesives, markers, and grid paper.  If you are lucky enough to live in Massachusetts, you actually get sales tax waived on the entire catalog!

Below is the chart with details that Stampin’ Up! provided us.

2021 Sales Tax Holiday

Please place your order during the tax holiday period to receive these items tax-free (midnight on the first day to midnight on the last day of the tax holiday).  Also, keep in mind that this is a state sales tax holiday.  Therefore, the state statute may not apply to some local taxes.

I will stock up on all my favorite adhesives and grid paper during the Texas weekend.  Plus, check my Blends to see if any need replacing.

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Happy Shoppin’


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