Well, my stamp studio makeover and re-organization is coming together.  I love having my wall put back together, and I’m working on going through every drawer and cubby.  I keep finding things I forgot I own. The height of the wall units all being about the same is so much more eye pleasing. The white ones on the end need to get painted black to match.  I thought that would bother me, and I was right.  I absolutely love my new engineered wood floors.  I’m so glad we got them done before this bug starting spreading and keeping us house bound (not sure I’d want all those workers coming and going in my house under the current situation).  This photo was before they were finished, so their tools are still on my floor.
Green Moon Stamp Studio progress...the wall is organized and the floors are done.

I decided not to re-install the massive black shelf I had on the other side of the studio.  My husband came up with the idea of putting it in our closet.  Wow, it’s awesome in there, and now I have a boot shelf almost the whole length of the master closet.  It helps store my 20 pairs of boots…I kind of love boots!  Here’s a photo of the other side in progress.  I hated having my tables covered with everything, but that’s mostly put away now.

Green Moon Stamp Studio progress...the wall is organized and the floors are done.  I just have to organize everything else!

I also bought new green boxes through Ikea to replace my old red ones. But, since the store is closed, I had to order them online which means they won’t be here until the end of April.  Obviously, I didn’t have my Grand Re-Opening last week which just means I have more time to play in here and make it perfectly organized.  Since I knew the re-opening would be delayed, I decided to take it slower and have been working on other areas of the house too.  When I’m organizing in here, I get easily distracted and start making projects and spending time on the littlest of tasks…suddenly it’s 4pm, and I have no idea where the time went…lol.

Happy Stamping!


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