We were at sea all day on Monday, so we started the day with a Grand Gathering in the Amber Theatre.  All the corporate staff came out wearing “I’m Shelli’s Favorite” T-shirts.  It was pretty funny and her hubby, Sterling, wore an “I AM Shelli’s Favorite” T-shirt.  Shelli had an “I am Shelli” T-shirt.  Rich gave door prizes out to a few demonstrators for reciting the Statement of the Heart in their native language.  He teased the French demo that she could order pizza and he wouldn’t know the difference.  We all laughed when we recognized “fromage” as she through out an order for cheese pizza.

The Hospitality Room was fun too.  Whenever I wasn’t busy, I stopped in to visit with other demonstrators and, of course, get the prize of the day!

The ship had a DreamWorks channel, DreamWorks Parades, and DreamWorks characters hanging around the ship for photos.  We took several photos with Randi’s favorites.

We went swimming during the day and after a formal dinner went to the Ice Games show in Studio B.  The show was amazing.  Our favorite parts were the female skater that worked with a suspended ring (bigger than a Hoola-Hoop) and this skit with a couple where the wife was “drunk”.  The “drunk” skating was so funny with amazing tricks.

We almost missed this show because Randi was in line for the Flow Rider.  She did pretty good, but FYI you should wear a one piece suit…she had to do some quick adjusting before standing up.  We were scheduled to see the one before dinner, but thank goodness there was a second show for the Ice Games after dinner.


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