Wednesday morning Stampin’ Up! treated us to the Polynesian Cultural Center.  We watched an i-max movie, shows in different areas that represented several Polynesian islands including Hawaii, and watched a canoe parade showing all the islands with each one’s particular style of dance, music, and native dress.

I tried my hand at making fire, but didn’t even get smoke…harder than it looks!

Had to get a selfie of my daughter and me.  Stampin’ Up! also provided box lunches for us to eat on the bus ride back to the hotel.  I had a yummy grilled vegetable sandwich.

After chillin’ on our patio and walking around, we had dinner later with my friend, Suzie, and her husband, Kevin.  We ate down by the pool at Rum Fire which allowed us to view the light show on the pool again from another angle.  We saw everything we had missed from the angle the night before – so cool.  It was windy, but so enjoyable!  We all took photos of the beautiful sunset.

And, when we returned to our room, another “pillow gift” was there.  I draped the scarf freebie that I got from the hospitality room over the bag so you could see that too.  Everyday we get freebies in the hospitality room and freebies on our bed in our own room…life is good!


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